The Mustard Tigers – Group Therapy EP


Words by Joe Gilbertson

From the opening of ‘Andromeda’, with its vaguely sad guitar chords and half-sang, half-shouted vocals reflecting on a vaguely devastating breakup, The Mustard TigersGroup Therapy EP sounds like a prime cut of forgettable Tumblr emo. It’s not really a bad song – it’s catchy and energetic – but the rough, messy performances are the closest it comes to having any distinctive character, underpinning generic and unimaginative lyrics like “all that I know is that I’m dead to you / and everyone knows that it kills me”. From the second track onwards, however, the band go into full angsty-punk mode, in the worst way possible.

‘Sonic the Douchehog’ and ‘Blogger @ Tumblr’ are musically unexciting – it’s messy punk, but the sloppy drums get less and less endearing and more irritating by the moment – but lyrically miserable. From the song titles, one could reasonably expect some kind of humour from these lyrics, but all they seem to offer is directionless first-person anger at exes and Tumblr feminists. ‘No Chill (Pt. 2)’ is easily the most enjoyable track here – brief, irreverent and fun in a way that seems infectious rather than grating. Even in today’s punk scene of bratty post-teenage angst and pseudo self-hatred, this EP does little to lift the mood.


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