Butserfest 2016


Words and Photos by Sam Taylor

We were lucky enough to attend Butserfest’s 10th anniversary. Despite the rain and mud and minimal shelter all the bands killed it. Check out what we thought. View our photo gallery here too.



Crossroads stage

Leeds based Faultlines started the day off at Butserfest. Playing to an already packed out Crossroads stage (mainly because this was one of the only forms of shelter for people on the entire festival site). Faultlines enticed and delivered by waking everyone up with powerful screams and captivating cleans perfectly concocted with melodic riffs on the guitar. Their stage presence left more to be desired but their sound really made up for what they lacked



Main stage

London’s Zoax made the best of a bad situation and brought the (sober) party to the main stage. With lead singer Adam Caroll getting hands on in the crowd and spending most of their short set rampantly pacing in and out the waves of people. Playing tracks off their debut self titled record in between their microphones cutting out and vast technical difficulties Zoax still packed a punch with their indescribable mash up of genres with Roses All The Way being the most notable highlight. This set simply proved being rough around the edges can still somehow be thrilling and a damn good listen.



Crossroads stage

Back into the dry haven that is the Crossroads stage Essex’s Tigress command the stage. Bringing their powerful alternative rock  out in full force, with lead singer Katy flawlessly belting out tracks from their debut ep Human, Tigress work beautifully together and create a harmony with the resulting product sounding just as excellent live as they do on their ep.



Main stage

While from a distance these guys could easily be mistaken for a Neck Deep rip off, once you’ve finally gotten up close WSTR just goes to show that not all pop punk acts are complete jokes. Their set was widely enjoyable and with the rain finally starting to come to a stop these guys had the crowd in the palm of their hands and despite their mediocre and predictable  cover of Limp Bizkit’s ‘Break Stuff’.


The Gospel Youth Acoustic

Acoustic shack

Stepping away from the racket of all the other stages was the dainty little hay bale filled shack. Being the first band to take to the main stage earlier in the day The Gospel Youth ended their day on a high note and played a short acoustic set to a fraction of the people who turned out to watch them on the main stage. These guys, while being slightly unprepared for the set still managed to give it their all and made up for the missing slot in the bill that was Moose Blood by covering their single ‘Honey’ and they did it a justice too which is always refreshing for a cover. The set was intricate and intimate. With all the members putting on an outstanding performance and proving that sometimes less is more when it comes to playing music.


As It Is Acoustic

Acoustic shack

 In this little shack 3/5 members of Brighton’s As It Is were delicately playing some of their biggest tracks to a select few lucky fans. As It Is made this set as intimate as possible managing to crowd about 40 people into this little space and still somehow without moving from their chairs put on a exquisite set, by slowing down their faster paced tracks and reworking them into an acoustic format it gave their music a whole new level of depth and meaning that lacks from their usual performance. As It Is are renowned for their acoustic sets and their Butserfest set just further secures that.


The Qemists

Main stage

Despite the fact these guys came on nearly half an hour after their scheduled time slot. The Qemists really brought the house down with their combination of heavy drum and bass and metalcore elements. Standing out like a sore thumb in comparison to all the pop punk and metalcore acts on the festival bill The Qemists are the perfect band for a group of emos who love to have a sesh on the weekends. The bass was ground shaking and the atmosphere these guys created was electric, it was a refreshing break from the usual guitar driven acts playing throughout the day.


Blood Youth

Blood Youth brought their unique brand of metalcore to the Crossroads stage. Their set was definitely one of the most anticipated sets of the Crossroads stage behind with a ecstatic reaction from the crowd. Blood Youth played a range of hits from their ep’s Closure and Inside My Head and gave the crowd a really tantalising taste of what to expect from their headline tour later on in the month.



Crossroads stage

Headlining the Crossroads stage are Southampton’s Creeper. Coming out in ski masks to a eery piano backing track and a crowd made up of several peopled dressed up as the now infamous “stranger” character, Creeper had an atmosphere before the first note was struck. Playing some a variety of their biggest hits from the powerful ‘VCR’ to the more melancholy ‘Misery’. Creeper made every song theatrical in such a natural way it seems effortless.  Creeper stood out as one of the best acts of the day having the crowd and have shown they are set to be festival headliners


High Down

Introducing stage

Despite having one official single to their name and facing a bunch of setbacks on the introducing stage throughout the day, Portsmouth’s High Down managed to play a thoroughly entertaining set to the crowd . Featuring a bunch of inflatable objects these guys brought happy-go-lucky pop punk energy to Butserfest and seemed like a perfect finish to the introducing stage.


Mallory Knox

Main stage

Closing this years Butserfest and coming back for a 3rd round on the main stage are Mallory Knox, these guys are a tried and trusted Butserfest favourite and tonight’s set just goes to show why.

As has always been the case with this band that despite the fact people don’t always enjoy their music they do have a handful of belters that no matter how cynical you are you always end up singing along to in the end and that was more so the case than ever with their headlining set, these guys had the crowd roaring back tracks despite the damp, the mud and the setbacks. Playing all the “classic” Mallory Knox songs from ‘Lighthouse’ to ‘Beggars’ and a few songs off their latest album Asymmetry for good measure it’s clear that in the countless times Mallory Knox have honed this stage their performance has only developed and grown over time. While no, it wasn’t a mind blowing, life changing performance it was another Mallory Knox performance and that is not a bad thing


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