Words by Sam Taylor

We had a chat with Tigress about all things music, check out what they had to say!


You guys were formerly known as The Hype Theory, what’s different between The Hype Theory and Tigress?

Well, The Hype Theory were the shite theory… so we’ve just changed for the better. We’ve recorded a load of new tunes and they all sound completely different from the old stuff, we haven’t put them all out yet so it’s still a work in progress. I think The Hype Theory was quite pop-punk based and styled but we’ve been developing and changing our sound, we’ve grown up.


You recently released your debut EP, Human, what’s the response been like and how are you taking it?

It’s been really good actually, I think people like the new direction and everyone’s been really nice about it. We’ve had a lot of nice comments from people and lots of plays on Spotify so I think its been successful. We’ve managed to get on Radio One a couple of times too so that’s obviously an amazing thing, we’ve already done more as Tigress than we ever did as The Hype Theory.


With this success, do you think Tigress are going to continue in the direction they’re going or are you going to keep growing and changing as a band?

I mean its hard for any band to just stick to the same things because you naturally develop over time, so there will be natural progressions in our music. There’s an idea of where we want to be and the rough sound that we want to have but each song will be different when we write because it all depends on what mood you’re in and what youre influenced by at that point in time. We know what we’re doing but it’s just going to be more experimental.


Can you tell us your best and/or worst jokes?

Oh I don’t know if we should. The pressure is too much, I don’t know any jokes. Skip that one, pass.


Who are you guys most excited to see today?

Young Guns and Mallory Knox, they’re both good bands. And Creeper.

One last question, is there anything new that we can be looking forward to?

Lots of new things, we’re going into the studio in November and we’re going to be recording a few new songs and will be releasing an EP early next year. We recorded a music video last week so that’ll be out soon. We’ll have lots of new things coming out in the next couple of months and we’re going to book some shows, hopefully play some tours and all the good stuff.


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