INTERVIEW: Blood Youth



Words by Sam Taylor

We had a chat with Blood Youth at Butserfest and talked about all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff. Check it out!

Can you describe Blood Youth in a sentence?

Positive regression.


So, you guys have got a tour coming up in a couple of weeks, what should fans expect?

We’ve got loads of new stuff, we’ve stepped up production and put a lot of money into making an actual show. There’s going to be a load of new things that we haven’t had before, we’re playing a bunch of new songs and it’ll be a longer set as well. It’s a big step up from anything we’ve done before.


What do you guys do when you’re not touring

We pretty much just work… I write a lot of riffs and play Deadspace and Assasins Creed a lot. But when we’re not on tour we’re always looking forward to whats coming up next and preparing for that. So whenever we’re not touring it’s always about being prepared for the next thing.


Can you give us your best and/or worst joke?

The one I told in the van was great, hold on… There’s this patient in a hospital, he’s got a breathing mask on and the nurse comes in and he goes “are my testicles black?”. She says “no, I’ll have to get the doctor” so he repeats it and she says “no”, he asks again and she whisks the duvet off him, grabs his nuts and says “no, they’re not”. He takes his mask off and goes “I asked if my test results were back”… It’s terrible. We did have a packet of Penguin bars in the van and we were reading them, I wish we could remember them… What hat does a penguin wear? An ice cap. There you go. Shit.


What new stuff have you got coming up or is that all secrets?

It’s all secrets. We get asked a lot and we can only say it’s not an EP, we’ve said stuff in the past and we get a slap on the wrist by our manager because we don’t know what to say. Everything’s still under wraps but we’ve been super super busy and there’s a lot coming up which will be getting sorted soon.


What other bands are you looking forward to seeing today at Butserfest?

WSTR, but they’ve already played, Creeper… We’re on pretty late and travelled really far, we planned to see loads of bands because we’ve got a load of friends here, but we got here so late because the traffic was so awful it was about a 7 hour drive. But we’re going to do our best to catch some sets, we’ll definitely see Creeper.


What are we going to see at Blood Youth’s set today?

Hopefully not a lot of mud. Big, fat circle pits, some breakdowns and a positive energy. Always posi. The songs are sad but we’re positive.


Be sure to catch Blood Youth on their headline tour with support from Zoax during September/October. Get your tickets here


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