DRUNK REVIEWS: Frank Turner – Poetry of the Deed


Words by Maddy Howell

Frank Turner. Right anyone kwho knows me will know that I love this guy more than life itself and his music is like music to my ears. BUT poetry of the deed is his worst album SOZ. So I’m going to write a bit about howmuci it suxx.

Ok Live Fast Die Old is the first track nanf it mean it’s one of the best by a mile IM GONNA LIVE FADST AND IM GONNA DIE OLD. Like it’s fuckin great tbh I love it idk why this is my least favourite album actuall like it aint that bad is it????? Tbh I cant remember what tracks are on it at my surrent state and I’m not going to look cos it’ll MAKE THIS A LOT MORE INTERIESTING. YES THE FIRST TRACK IS VERY GOOD. THANKS FRANK. I LIKE THIS SONG  a lot.

TRY THIS AT HOMER. Ok thid is one of my fav frank songs this is QualitEE. This has some of ym fav frank lyric n I love it a lot xxxxx . I wish he wrote more good songs. Eh frank stop writing ABOUT BIRDS. It’s like it ameks me appy. The punk rock bit is so (ok emoji)I lov. Idk the skinny half arsed bit is weird…….ok . end.

Ok. Dan’s Song. (it hasn’t strated yet but I remember ed its next) I love this song. Mainly cos it’s kinda ma life but it’s just kinda happy. Oh my god when’s a sad song gonna come on cos im getting a bit sick of all these happy songs now. Right this is a LONG song and I literally have nothing to say about it apart from the fact that the end is sort of shouty anf nice. The harmonica solo sucks like even on the album like at least play it decent on the fucking studio recordalig.

BORED. I;m on youtube so I cant really skip properly but oh my GOD. Whats next. POETTRY FOT HE DEED. This is an okay song. ok honestly this song is slightly boring until it gets to the life is too short bit. I may skip it. …. Im skipping it. It’s ok.

Isabel. I hate this song. ITS DULL. Basically love songs are boring and if you can b bothered to listen to them then you’re a better person than me . make it end. I hate this song. Like. Who is Isabel. And why should  I care. Stupid.

Ok I know  I said I  hate love song but the fastre way back home is LOVELY Song I wish he still wrote songs this good. I mean it obviously isn’t his best studf but isk its cute.

SONS OF LIBERTY. Right  I aitn sure how much I hate this. I mean I think I hate it and then I saee hism playing ti li=ve and im like O ITS MY FAV FRANK  SONG but Idk I think it’s boring until the sons of liberty bit at the  end I think.

Right the road can fuck off. hoe much I DESPISE THIS SONG. It’s just so DULL. Like honesy I would rather he recorded an entire song of him screeching a single pitch note than this. Honestly what a WASTE of my time. Who cares aobut the road. If you like this song then I don’t like you. Im so sorry.

Skippin faithful son cos I’m a bit bored. Richard divine is cool . I like the bit about him killing himself or something. I realte. Thanks frank.

Can I listen to Sunday nights? It aint Sunday so I feel a bit weird. It’s boring anyway.

The intro of our lady the campire makes me cringe si much much I know I don’t mind the song but I’m not entirely sure I can continue after the second hand embarrassment I experience from thag. Chhhrrritstr,

Final song. Jouney of the magi. Boring. I hate it. Soozzzz.

Ok whatever I lov frank mire than most things but this album is so average it makes me want to die. Why did he make this. He should have just released try this at home as a single and scrapped the res.t whatever I’m boring who cared about my opiion. Bye.

Rating: 4/10


Disclaimer: I actually love this album a lot. Drunk me is a bit of an idiot.


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