Sworn In – ‘Endless Gray’


Words by Sam Taylor

Sworn In, one of metalcore’s more angsty, bleak and “edgy” acts have finally dropped their new single ‘Endless Gray’. ‘Endless Gray’ is the first of a new beginning for the Illinois mob with the band proclaiming that, “no external sources will influence their sound” allowing Sworn In to go back to their roots.

Musically, ‘Endless Gray’ is all over the place. The track lacks any form of direction and sense of purpose. The track jumps from breakdown, to riff to intense melodies with no flow or prediction of where it’s going to go next.  Imagine throwing up on a pavement and leaving a massive splatter of vomit with all kinds of weird shapes and chunks in it, this song is that vomit. It’s messy and a lot of people won’t want to hear it. But that perfectly ties in with Sworn In’s narcissistic nature. Despite the music being a mess, Tyler Dennen‘s vocals and lyrics are at an all time high in Sworn In’s career, his screams reach new depths and pitches in comparison to the shouty noise that fans were becoming accustomed to.

Overall, it’s clear this is Sworn In at their most raw sound to date, it’s clear there is no interference and it’s just these 4 guys going down their own creative path. It’s dark, it’s edgy, it’s interesting to say the least.


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