Cold Summer – Fight To Survive


Words by Maddy Howell

With the foundations of the early post-hardcore scene now a wistful memory and its founders either comfortably retired or dragging out their careers in a sad desperation, a new wave of bands are hoping to pick up the torch and continue the legacy.

Having formed in 2011, Leeds quartet Cold Summer have been honing their craft for a number of years. With 2 self-produced EPs and a self-titled album under their belt since their formation, their latest EP Fight To Survive is a continuation and slow expansion of their previous works.

Aggression and apathy form the basis of the EP, with Dan Feast’s interchanging throaty screams and heartfelt cleans presenting an escalating sense of desperation in each note. This raw angst is fittingly accompanied by jagged riffs and pounding drums, at times leaving the vocals lost in the midst of the tracks. Although Feast’s efforts may not pack as much of a punch as presumably intended at points, the overall package remains a fairly promising attainment.

The EP as a whole doesn’t offer much in terms of originality, with the majority resembling an oddly intriguing Funeral for a Friend tribute act. However, the soaring riffs and anthemic choruses of ‘Car Crash (In Progress)’ and ‘Coins Fall (But Don’t Make It)’ start to form the beginning of something more innovative.

At most points, Fight To Survive follows the safely predictable post-hardcore formula, but it’s the moments that stray into more unexplored territory that define Cold Summer’s sound. Whilst this EP is still a far stretch from being a faultless release, Cold Summer have utilised it perfectly as an outlet for their growing potential.


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