Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us


Words by Sam Taylor

Brighton metalcore mob Architects are back with their seventh studio release All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. Recorded with the same team behind Lost Forever // Lost Together and their first with new guitarist Adam Christianson, this record has allowed Architects to transcend into a new level of excellence. This album reached #15 in the UK top 40, Architects highest chart ranking to date and with the craftsmanship put into it it’s rightly deserved.

Architects develop their music with every release and All Our God’s Have Abandoned Us sticks to this pattern. Musically they are tighter than ever before, lightly dabbling in new sounds while still sticking to and expanding on what works best for them. The vocals from Sam Carter reach new levels and depths previously untouched on other records. The best thing about this record is that every member has taken the criticisms on board from all their releases and not just the previous record. Architects main songwriter Tom Searle brought Architects back lyrically to the sheer anger and bleak nature from 2009’s Hollow Crown by featuring even more lyrics with a socio/economic/political nature as well as songs that offer far more emotional impact than any of its predecessors for good measure. The intense riffs perfectly combined with synthetic and orchestral melodies echo that of 2014’s Lost Forever // Lost Together, the record that gave them commercial success and launched them into the stratosphere in their music scene. Architects also threw out the bland nature from records such as 2011’s The Here and Now which saw Architects pushed to breaking point replacing this with raw emotion and power.

‘Nihilist’, the opening track off All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us sets the scene as a high octane, fast record from the get go with contrasts between more melodic, slowed down elements and hard hitting, technical riffs. Tracks such as ‘Gone With The Wind’ offer some of Architects most emotionally challenging and confessional lyrics to date that combined with the strength of Sam Carter shredding his vocal chords provides a sense of desperation. ‘A Match Made In Heaven’ is one of the angriest tracks off this release with a clear anti-establishment message, infectious riffs and deep orchestral moments combined together that are so powerful that if it wasn’t for the strength behind the vocals the lyrics could easily fade into the background. The anti-establishment, ‘fuck the Tories’ notion continues on a deeper level with ‘Downfall’ and goes to show how angry these five guys are at fucking everything.

What Architects have done is refined themselves, as after 10 years of triumphs and failures reinvention was never an option. All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us is Architects at the top of their game with a new, well-fitting dark veil wrapped around them. Metalcore is increasingly becoming one of those genres that offers nothing new and exciting but Architects have brought a breath of fresh air to their genre, and this is definitely one of the most exciting and well executed metalcore albums that has been released for a long time.


3 thoughts on “Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

  1. This British metalcore band ‘s music indeed saved me a lot .
    I deeply like metalcore’ energy .
    “Learn To Live ” this song from their past year’s album , in plain words , I like this song , which has been pulling me to keep moving forward and seeking correct way to get a correct result .


  2. “Even if you win , you are still a rat ” this song is from their album Daybreaker , this song featured with another British metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon .
    This song mixed two young British metalcore vocals’s voice in a good way.
    After “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us” , at least Architects could keep surviving its own self and moving on its won way.
    But After 2014 Bring Me The Horizon really lost its way , dropped dead has become staying dead .
    Who should be blamed or punished ? After ruining a young British metalcore band .
    May The Only One GOD have mercy on them.


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