A Day To Remember – ‘Bad Vibrations’


Words by Joe Gilbertson

After their last track ‘Paranoia’ was criticised for an opening riff that was almost exactly identical to Stick To Your Guns’ ‘What Choice Did You Give Us’, Floridian metalcore superstars A Day To Remember have played things a little safer on their newest single with some riffs so generic that nobody will ever manage to pinpoint a specific band they’ve copied them from.

Don’t let this fool you though – this isn’t A Day To Remember by numbers exactly, it’s A Day To Remember trying quite hard to pull off something a little heavier than usual. It’s got a catchy enough chorus, plenty of half-time chugging and gang vocals, even some backing vocals that give the chorus a dark, powerful edge in the least dark or powerful way imaginable. You know metalcore? Yeah, it sounds like that.

A Day To Remember have proven that they can knock out tracks like these with no problem in the past. It’s not that they need to be reinventing themselves on every release exactly, more that screaming over feedback before dropping into a riff that has been recorded a thousand times before feels a little cheap from a band of this status. It’s 2016, lads. Time to move on.


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