Brand New – ‘I Am A Nightmare’


Words by Joe Gilbertson

Brand New fans probably have good reason to begin to get quite worried now. It’s been a over a year since their last single ‘Mene’ came out, and a decade since their last bona fide classic album; a time period in which they’ve managed to release only one LP, the enjoyably noisy but sadly much less enthralling Daisy.

New track ‘I Am A Nightmare’ combines the direct, punk energy of their debut album with the noisy, messy guitars of Daisy, and no small amount of mediocrity which they’ve presumably outsourced. Although catchy enough and boasting some well-written as usual lyrics, it feels weak and a little stale, with Jesse Lacey’s vocals sounding more passionless and average than ever before. Sure – it’s not bad, but compare it to ‘Guernica’ and it seems sub-par at best. Compare it to one of the band’s best works, like ‘Limousine’, and it seems to evaporate into a puff of lazy irrelevancy. If the Brand New saga is going to be coming to an end sometime soon – as Lacey has hinted it might – they owe it themselves the end on a higher note than this.


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