Pierce The Veil – Misadventures


Words by Sam Taylor

It’s been 4 years since we last heard anything from Pierce The Veil. So in those 4 years you’d expect these guys to come back with a fucking explosion of force but unfortunately Misadventures is lacking the spark and the chilling sensation that it so well needed to be on par with it’s predecessors. While Misadventures lacks that spark, it’s weirdly nostalgic. This record will take you back to being in your early/mid teens in a reminiscent way much like listening to an old Avril Lavigne or Blink-182 record does.

Misadventures opens with ‘Drive In’. Before you’re even 5 seconds into the first track of the first album it’s clear Pierce The Veil have lost their sense of individuality, as the intro sounds like a such a clear imitation of Muse’s  ‘Plug In Baby’ that you’d think your music player fucked up and you weren’t listening to Pierce The Veil at all. While it gets off to a shaky imitation start the track does burst into life with Pierce The Veil doing what they’re known for, the dizzyingly high vocals, the abrasive screams from Vic Fuentes, the Hispanic influenced melodies mashed up with contrasting riffs and breakdowns. For an opening track, it’s just another Pierce The Veil song. There’s no clear progression, change in direction or style. It’s just well recorded and put together. That’s not to say it’s a bad song, Pierce The Veil have never changed their style and they don’t need to either because they’re so experienced in their craft and know what works best for them.

One of the lead singles off Misadventures, ‘Texas is Forever’ picks the pace up to a ridiculously high speed. Musically the track is excellently crafted; the way the speeds of each riff and melody jump around like if you were to give a rabbit speed. There are also the contrasting vocals with captivating harmonies and ear piercing screams all put together like a perfectly fitting jigsaw puzzle. It’s by far the most powerful tracks on the album that has a desire to be played in a live setting.

‘The Divine Zero’, also one of the singles off Misadventures, differs highly from ‘Texas is Forever’. While still following the typical Pierce The Veil song structure the focus is clearly on Vic’s vocals over the musical side of things. Lyrically the track follows a much darker narrative than the other singles on the album due to the fact it focuses on the struggles of being in love with a depressed individual.

Further down the album you reach ‘Circles,’ another one of the main tracks. Out of all the singles ‘Circles’ is the most mainstream and commercially viable. It’s more of a happy-go-lucky track with no screaming or riffs, just ecstatic melodies and lyrics set out to give hope to it’s listeners that may be struggling to cope with life.

What is really noticeable with Misadventures is the lack of a stereotypical slowed down song with lyrics that teenage girls want tattooed on their wrists, and quite frankly it’s fucking lovely to hear an album that doesn’t have a whiny slowed down song and just offers music that is a blast to listen to the whole way through.

Overall Misadventures is a bloody good record. Pierce The Veil haven’t experimented much if at all with it but they have made a record that can really be enjoyed. Every element of Pierce The Veil has been tightened and work so bloody well together. While most people have grown out of their Pierce The Veil phase this album is a breath of fresh air. However, for 4 years in the making you’d expect it to be a mind-blowing and game changing album, not a breath of fresh air.


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