Maddy Cries Over Matt Skiba Part I – Blink 182 – Bored To Death Review

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.39.32 pm

Words(?) by Maddy Howell


Neighbourhoods was a really great album I will defend it to the death but TOM DELONGE THE STUPID RAT was still in the band. So let’s drop it and bring in the all-time greatest musician/angel/human/everything ever, sick idea Blink.

After actually making me want to kill myself with the teasing of album covers etc., some kind soul leaked the new song so HERE WE GO.

Mark Hoppus is very precious and we must protect his vocals during the verses at all costs, the lyrics are lovely and I may have just clicked the replay button for the 11th time.

The verses and bridges are great, 10/10 and all big up Hoppus BUT THAT DAMN CHORUS. All y’all Tomark cunts whining about Tom leaving can get to FUCK listen at my beautiful emo boy on that chorus wow god bless I don’t deserve this. Matt Skiba was the best thing that could ever have happened to Blink and if you want to disagree I will actually fist fight you, hit me up with a time and place.

It sounds nothing like Trio but you can tell Matt’s had a lot of input on lyrics which is a big step up from singing about girls or whatever the hell the lyrical content of Neighbourhoods was supposed to be. It sounds like self-titled blink which is so beautiful, god bless this band. I want matt skiba to drain my blood then sing that chorus directly into my bloodstream because I’m fairly sure my body could run off that alone.

Overall this is the best thing Blink have done since self-titled (again, fight me) and this album is going to literally take a dank shit on that stupid Sekret Machines thing Tom is doing (spelling secret with a k…. is he even trying to hide his jealousy of Skiba. for real)

Anyway, Tom ‘GOOD RIDDANCE’ Delonge is long gone and has been replaced by Matt ‘PERFECT ANGEL WHO CAN DO NOTHING WRONG’ Skiba (I’m not biased i swear). I can never be BORED TO DEATH of this song I am in love with this band, even Travis, I LOVE


Rating: 10000000/10 (I’m being so legit I am not at all biased I could probably give it higher if I wasn’t feeling critical today)

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