The Spvrk – Galaxies


Words by Maddy Howell

Reigning from Breda in the Netherlands, The Spvrk are a female fronted five-piece pop-punk outfit who set out to crowdfund their debut album in Autumn 2015. Now released and touring in support of Galaxies, the young band seem set to make an interesting impact on the Dutch pop-punk scene.

Opening track Don’t Say You’re Not has a promising start, with a catchy riff and typical pop-punk “hey!” shouts. The chorus is sing-along and although the lyrics are mostly trivial and painfully cliché, it’s not awful.

With the average age in the band being 16, Galaxies is recorded and mixed surprisingly well. The main downfall comes in the lyrics, with cliché drivel such as “you got me feeling like I could jump from the ground to the ceiling” droning out of singer Lotte Versteegen’s mouth. But with English as their second language it seems harsh to not cut them at least a bit of slack.

The tracks in the middle of the EP all seem to merge into something that sounds like an early demo from a supergroup of All Time Low, Paramore and Mayday Parade members. With the riff on Hopeless feeling like it’s ripped straight out of a track on Nothing Personal. They also don’t do much to break from the “every female-fronted band wants to be Paramore” cliché, at times sounding like Hayley Williams decided to do some drunken karaoke and put on a bad European accent.

Title track Galaxies brings the EP to a close, finally providing something slightly different to an otherwise concordant release. With a more Pvris sound, the track is essentially just an over-extended metaphor about a girl being a butterfly, or a star, or something equally as inconsequential.

Overall, Galaxies is a fair attempt at a debut EP for a band of such a young age, but there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Rating: 3/10

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